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What is ceramic coating?

To best understand ceramic coatings we need to start back at wax. Applying waxes and sealants was the best known method to protect a vehicles paint (i.e.carnuba wax or synthetic sealants) both waxes and sealants large molecules are spread over the vehicles surface to form a protective layer over the vehicles paint. This layer helps keep contaminates from ever touching the paint. Waxes and sealants are also hydrophobic which means water beads up on its surface. Unfortunately even though its adding a protective layer to the paint the act of “waxing,” “polishing,” or “buffing” itself can add even more scratches to the vehicles surface! If any dust settles on the surface during the waxing process, or if the applicator isn’t perfectly clean it can also cause more damage in the form of scratches and swirl marks. For the last 15-20 years there just wasn’t a lot of innovation or progress in this wax and sealant department, it seemed like the best option you could get was to continually apply these products multiple times a year to achieve that showroom shine due to waxes and sealants delicate properties. 

Introduction of Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic is a non-metallic solid material making up an inorganic compound of metal/non-metalloid atoms primarily held in ionic and covalent bonds. The crystallinity of ceramic materials can range from highly oriented to crystalline vitrified and often completely amorphous; it’s a mix of elements with strong bonds, that’s strong!

Most ceramic coatings contain silicon dioxide which is more commonly known as silica which is found in ceramics, beach sand, silicone and even granite and quartz. Ceramic Pro uses a nano-ceramic formula, this proprietary mix and professional application method uses a silicon-dioxide and titanium-dioxide mix to create flexible barrier between the environment and the vehicles paint. The molecules of Ceramic Pro then bond to each other covalently. Covalent bonds are one of the strongest in nature, the molecules are actually sharing electron pairs and these pairs are known as shared pairs or bonding pairs and the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms when they share electrons is what makes the so stable and hard to break. Plus the nano particles found in Ceramic Pro soak into the paints pores where as waxes and sealants bigger particles stick on top of the paints surface, instead ceramic pros particles covalently bond to each other in those pores and surface effectively fastening the ceramic coating to the vehicles paint with millions of tiny covalently bonded anchors. 

What does all this mean? 

Durability - unlike waxes and sealants the ceramic coatings will last anywhere from 6 months, 2 years, 5 years or for the life of the vehicle if you opt for our lifetime package. This strong bond with the vehicles surface ensures its longevity. 

Chemical Resistance- Ceramic Pro forms a chemically resistant barrier on your vehicles paint unparalleled with wax or sealants. Diesel, gasoline, mag-chloride or liquid salt used to treat winter roads will have no effect on a ceramic coating. 

Hydrophobic Properties- Ceramic Pros higher contact angle means its more hydrophobic than waxes or sealants making it easier to clean and maintain than traditionally waxed paint. Things like dirt, bird poop, bugs, tar and even spray paint wont firmly stick to a ceramic coated surface. 

Heat Resistance- Ceramic Pro is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit which means Ceramic Pro can be applied to things like brake calipers, wheels, or even exhausts without melting off like wax would… Imagine hosing off brake dust without scrubbing it, that is now possible thanks to advances in vehicle protection technology in the form of ceramic coatings!

Ceramic Pro Packages

Ceramic Pro Sport

Ceramic Pro in Fort Collins, Colorado

Backed by a 6 month warranty! 

Includes a full exterior detail, chemical decontamination, clay bar, paint correction and application of Ceramic Pro Sport to exterior paint, plastics, windshield and wheel faces.  

Starts at 350$

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

Ceramic Pro near Fort Collins, Colorado

2 Year Warranty

Includes a full exterior detail, chemical decontamination, clay bar, paint correction with swirl removal followed up with the application of Ceramic Pro to the vehicles exterior paint  to the vehicles exterior paint. Plus we coat the wheel faces and the windshield.  Ideal for the garage queen. 

Ceramic Pro Silver Package

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating in Fort Collins

5 Year warranty

Our most popular package!

Everything the Bronze package includes plus 2 coats of Ceramic Pro to the vehicles exterior paint. Plus we coat the wheel faces and the windshield.

Ceramic Pro Gold Package

Ceramic Pro 9h Fort Collins

Lifetime Warranty

Everything included in the Silver Package Plus  5 coats of Ceramic Pro to the vehicles exterior paint.   to the vehicles exterior paint. Plus we coat the wheel faces and the windshield. 

Ceramic Pro PPF and Vinyl Coating

Ceramic Pro 9H Fort Collins

Give your wrap or paint protection film the best coating on the market! Ceramic Pro's milt-layerable system is available for vinyl and PPF!

  • Unmatched Gloss
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Effect 
  • Stain Resistance
  • UV-A and UV-B Protection

Interior and Wheel & Caliper Coatings

ceramic coating windsor, co

Ceramic coating  your wheels is a great way to reduce wash time and remove brake dust with ease. 

Our "wheels off" wheel and caliper coating packages consists of removal of wheels, cleaning inner barrels and brake calipers and coating them with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper

Prices start at 400$ and go up based on complexity and size of the wheel.

We can also apply Ceramic Pro coatings to: leather, textile, plastic, rubber, glass and metal. 

starts at 300$

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